Integrity has always been a quality I value  most and that I try to keep as much as I can. 

In the past couple of weeks, however I feel like I have been tested on it.

We all have values in which we base our moral guidelines or honour codes we follow. Ideally as we become more conscious, we discover these truths, guidelines or honour codes as they appear more from within, from our spirit, and less from social conditions.

To me integrity means adhering to these guidelines no matter what.

Each time we discover one of these sacred truths we make a commitment with ourselves,  with our spirit and each time we fail we are only failing and damaging our most important relationship, the one with our spirit.

In the Ashtanga Yoga  tradition these guidelines come in the form of what we call Yamas and Niyamas. Also that’s why the concept of Sadhana is crucial to success in any spiritual practice. The commitment of daily practice no matter what is, again,  done with our spirit.

One of these truths I try to follow is seeing all beings as one and loving all unconditionally. And this is the one I’m usually tested the most on.

See, the thing is, it is very easy to say we love all and one. Sounds great as an idea. But in the real world,  when we feel betrayed by someone we love the easiest reaction is anger or hatred. The problem here is that this goes against the sacred truth that we are all one and thus we should love each other the same, without conditions.

And whenever we get angry at someone or pretend hating someone, we are just hurting ourselves.

Here is where forgiveness comes in to save the day. It is not easy though, because forgiving means opening up again to being hurt. Becoming vulnerable.

We are so silly that we don’t realise that after forgiveness being hurt is just a possibility but without it hurting and suffering become constants.

“Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it.” – Mark Twain

Forgiving someone doesn’t mean coming back to a failed relationship or hanging out with someone that may or may not hurt you no matter what.

Forgiving happens and stays within. It is self love and self respect healing you from inside.

It has taken me a while to come to this point and have the courage and integrity to abide by this spiritual truth.

Because I love myself, and I just can’t betray my spirit and the sacred truths that it has shown me, today I decided to forgive and keep loving those who have hurt me, no matter what.

Love and Happiness,




  • Wow!
    I am not used to reply.
    But what I just read is just what I would like to be for my entire life.
    You wrote it down in such a perfect way that I really thank you for it.
    You are a beautiful soul Mannu, may the Universe embrace your heart and the heart of those who dig into being spiritually real.
    Thank you,

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