I haven’t written here for a while. Today as I was cleaning and clearing my flat I found a few old notebooks, some scrap notes and drawings that I made in the last couple of years. Some made me laugh. Some I didn’t understand and these few I thought I would share:


I want to look right there.
Live right there where only you know.

Meet your soul there

And be. Once. Always. Forever. Now

(Mexico City, 2014)


Brother, sister

talk to me.


Brother, sister

don’t leave me.


We smoked from the pipe

We drank the tea

We are the type

that they never see


We feel what others just sense

We are what they dream

We jumped the fence

We bathe in the stream


Brother, sister

You are the love that flows through me

You are now a part of me

(Pachamama, Costa Rica November 2012)


Will you soon become just a memory?
I wonder what it is that I will remember the most…

Will it be your smell or the way you walk?
Or maybe your smile this morning as I woke up.


Will I remember you laughing?

Will I remember that kiss that never was?


Love and Happiness,


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