Last night I found this post  while scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed: FBE

The story  itself is quite impressive : “For 12 hours, two herds of wild South African elephants slowly made their way through the Zululand bush until they reached the house of late author Lawrence Anthony, the conservationist who saved their lives.”

However, what really caught my attention were the comments by the poster and her friends. Incredulity, to say the least was the common denominator. And this level of disbelief resumes many of the faults I find with our modern life.

Science and progress (And I’ am in no way against either of them) have blessed us with longer life expectancy, worldwide easy travel and communication, freedom of information and many other gifts. The price we have paid though, has been a disconnection with our true essence and with the world.

As we see the Universe each time more as something we can quantify, measure, predict and explain; our lives have become disenchanted and demystified.

Some skeptics may believe this is for the better. I beg to differ.

The world around us is full of magic and miracles. Life itself is a great mystery. Love is the greatest force in the Universe and there aren’t any quarks or neutrinos or elusive Higgs Boson particles around to account for it. Yet, who hasn’t felt Love?

Rationalism and Scientific progress played a key role in the development of our culture, but now we need to learn that our mind does not have to be in antagonism with our spirit.

It is time to combine all this knowledge with our innermost feelings. What good is the best smartphone if you have no one to talk, email or text to?


We need to connect again. First of all with our own bodies, then our true selves and then with each other and the whole Universe to which we belong.

The key is believing.

Our mind will always try to trick us into not believing. That’s exactly it’s function: to process the information received by the senses about the world around us. But the mind knows nothing about that which the senses don’t perceive and we and the Universe are made up of much more than what the senses can perceive.
We need to reprogram and reboot.

We need to slow our minds down, open our hearts and believe again.

Love and Happiness,


(Originally published in on May 30th, 2013)


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