It isn’t really that complicated…

First of all you just have to find your path…


How do you find your path?

You don’t. Once you realize there’s nothing to look for, nowhere to look into and you stop looking, it will come and find you.

But that’s not it. Not at all. That’s merely the beginning.

Once you and your path have found and recognized each other, most likely you’ll find that your path is not right there in front of you. It’s almost like your looking at it from the top of a very high cliff. At least that’s what it will look like. So, most likely, you’ll find it difficult, almost impossible and quite scary to even approach it.

Everything you think you know, everything you’ve always been told and everything you’ve always trusted will try to convince you you’re fine where you are. Why would you even consider jumping off a cliff to get into something you don’t know? You’re quite comfortable where you are.

All of this won’t matter, because you and your path have already recognized each other. You’ve actually known each other for quite a long time. You just weren’t aware of it.

One day, you’ll just have to close your eyes and jump. Some people call it a leap of faith, some people call it being brave, most people will actually think you’re insane!!! But it doesn’t matter what they call it or not because this is about you… About you and your path…

And finally, you’re there. You’ve gone through all of your life to get here and yet, you’re just at the beginning of your path. You take one step…

You take a second one…

Each step is a  struggle, a blessing and a prayer in itself. So much to learn and the more you learn the more of yourself you have to give.

The more you walk the longer the path gets.

And it’s not an easy path to walk through, not at all… but always a beautiful one. Each step even more so than the last one.

There’s no point in looking back, no use in knowing how much more is there to walk forward. You just have to keep on walking, breathing, fighting, sweating, enjoying, admiring, crying, dancing, and moving forward.

Every now and then your path will join someone else’s path. You’ll hold hands, walk together for a while. If you’re lucky she or he will share with you her or his experience. If you’re wise and have learned anything at all you’ll give yourself wholeheartedly and share your whole life with her or him.

More paths will join yours. You will join other paths. Sometimes you won’t even notice it. But if you walk strong and committed, hopefully you will have helped some along their paths.


At the end all paths are just one. They’re all going to the same place. And with each step you take you’re just leaving a trail making the path easier for someone else to follow.

That’s the whole point of finding your path and walking it: making an easier journey for everyone else.

It really isn’t that complicated. Is it?

Love and Happiness,



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