Protect your heart

The only way to really protect your heart then is not by trying to choose what comes in and out of it or try to prevent it from being hurt. The only way to protect your heart is by making it stronger and more resilient.

Ashtanga Yoga, A Pantheistic View

The Ashtanga Yoga system and the Pantheistic philosophy go together hand in hand. Through daily asana practice we learn to connect and understand our bodies, our physical reality and the connection with a all of nature and its cycles (hence why we don’t practice on moon days). Patanjali’s Ashtanga method is a very scientific approach to see reality as it is without filters, conditions or judgements. And thirdly without acknowledgement and surrender to our spirituality the Ashtanga practice becomes empty, just as in the pantheistic view recognising and humbling to the majesty of nature and its wonders gives us a sense of belonging.